The Team Behind YPNZ

Those of us behind YPNZ are alumni of Wakatipu High School, and we know first hand that New Zealand high schools are no strangers to giving back to their communities. However saying that, YPNZ strives to make Generating Generosity give students the opportunity to make their own charitable decisions. We firmly believe that playing this role will make not only a long lasting impact for the students, but on the communities they serve as well.


Hugh Taylor

Hugh is as committed to Queenstown as anyone. Despite graduating Wakatipu High School in 2017, Hugh continues to do his part to better to the community that raised him. Whether assisting with the direction and production with various events around the community, or volunteering with the St John Ambulance service, he is always looking for opportunities to help. Hugh has received an ATCL diploma from Trinity Guildhall London, and is currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington.


Beatrice onions

Beatrice is a proven leader and an exceptional role model for up and coming philanthropists. Graduating from Wakatipu High School in 2017, where she served as Head Girl, Beatrice is living in Queenstown, the area that she has been lucky to call home since moving here in 2002. Receiving an ATCL diploma from Trinity Guildhall London in 2017, Beatrice is extremely excited to be contributing to YPNZ and Generation Give.


Chris belmont

Chris visited Queenstown in May 2014 and never left. Whilst experiencing the culture shock of moving hemispheres, he fell in love with the culture that Queenstown provided for him. As someone who has felt the impact of living in such a special country and after graduating from Wakatipu High School in 2017, Chris cannot wait to give back through YPNZ. Chris is currently studying at the University of Auckland.