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Generation Give is a new grant-making programme to be piloted at Wakatipu High School within the 2019 academic school year, with the support of the Wakatipu Community Foundation. Our goal is to help students and charities develop a close, mutually beneficial relationship. It works like this: With professional support, a teaching based after school curriculum is taught over the course of about 10 weeks, this includes insight on how to review grant proposals, make funding decisions, and general insight into making a difference in our community. Following this, students will then meet with applicant charities around the Queenstown area to learn, help, and present to the other students in the committee exactly why their charity deserves the grant.

Generation Give will provide authentic opportunities for young people to develop skills and knowledge that will make them better students and citizens in the present and increases the chances that they will continue to play active roles in the community in the future. Youth philanthropy programmes have a lasting effect on the young people and adults involved in them. They push organisations, community residents, and decision-makers to change the way they perceive and interact with youth — providing a view of youth as positive contributors and caring members of the community.

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Program goals

Generation Give promotes positive youth development by engaging young people in meaningful activities that build their skills and capacity.

  • Build the interpersonal connections between youth from different backgrounds and experiences, and between youth and adults

  • Enhance the operations of community organisations and institutions in the human services, philanthropic, education, and government sectors by engaging youth voices

  • Strengthen communities by utilising the strengths and resources found in the community

  • Develops soft skills such as; leadership, public speaking, critical thinking and decision making techniques, budget analysis, grant making review process

  • Encourages teamwork while building consensus with a diverse community of student leaders

  • Fosters interest in supporting nonprofits

  • Builds student confidence – knowing they have the ability to make an impact

  • Engages 15-20 high school students however the entire student body will be aware of their impact

More Information

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