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What's it all about? 

Originally modelled after successful Youth Philanthropy programmes in North America and Europe, GenGive has evolved to serve a uniquely Kiwi audience since 2019.


The programme appoints high school students to a simulated non-profit board, and over the course of 20 weeks, they are guided through essential skills required in the philanthropic process.


At the end of the programme, Generation Give students will apply these learned skills in the process of giving at least $10,000 away to worthy causes of their choice in their community

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Worth of Grants Facilitated


Collective Goal

The Process


Joining a non-profit charity board

Once your application is accepted, Generation Give invites you to become a full member of a non-profit board. This professional title comes with immense responsibility which you will explore later.

Joining a non-profit charity board

Introduction to Philanthropy

Have an incomplete understanding of what philanthropy is? No worries! Our first session is devoted to creating our own definition. This statement will become the mission statement of our board as a whole for the duration of the programme.

Introduction to Philanthropy


For an enriched experience and the feeling of "skin in the game" students fundraise independently in order to further inflate the final granting total. 

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Self Governance and Board Election

After learning about governance, students are afforded the opportunity to campaign for specific board roles (Chair, Secretary, etc.). After the election, the structure of the meetings change, the board holds meetings entirely on their own.

Self Governance
Board Election

Site Visits and Fund Distribution

During the philanthropic process, it is required for board members to go on site visits to charities who applied for a grant. They then report back to the board, and the final funding decisions are made.

Site Visits and Fund Distribution

Grant Giving Celebration

Organised entirely by the board, the event invites successful charities, GenGive sponsors, community stakeholders, school leaders, friends and family.


The programme is complete when members walk away as experienced young philanthropists, having given away $10,000

Grant Giving Celebration

What the students say

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Marite Balzarini

Second Year

Generation Give is truly a life-changing experience. It has allowed me to develop my understanding of formal board meetings. Gave me experience in the behind-the-scenes of a charity and most important allowed me to pursue a passion for philanthropy


Although this year has for sure been a stressful one, the team behind Generation Give manage to still complete the same amazing curriculum from last year. Sadly this Generation Give 2020 has come to an end, but I will for sure bring what I was taught with me all my life, and hopefully next year’s program. 


Wakatipu High School


New Zealand's First Youth Philanthropy Programme


Piloting in 2021


Piloting in 2021