Helping Young People Discover...

Since 2019, YPNZ has been passionate about enabling young people to achieve their full potential, while ensuring they retain an appreciation for helping their community. 


Our Programmes 


Generation Give

Discover Philanthropy

20 students, 20 weeks, 20 topics. Generation Give offers young people from across New Zealand the chance to not only become aware of problems affecting their community but also enables them to take action, all while developing essential career skills.

Elevate white.png

Discover Potential

Have you ever encountered an issue and thought "they should really do something about that?" Elevate by YPNZ asks back "who are they", "what is something", and "what is that".


This is the programme for the new generation of change-makers. Do you have an idea that you think can change your community but don't have the resources to build it? Talk to us.



Discover What Works

Project in development. Recon facilitates the connection between a young person and an enthusiastic potential employer.


As an internship programme run by YPNZ, our goal is to provide a "real" education experience while also serving as an effective recruitment platform for socially conscious, community focused businesses.

Thanks to our partners

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